What is a PSP Download Service?

There is an official Sony PSP download service that allows you
to download a limited number of PSOne games in exchange for a
fee. This PSP download service allows you download the games
directly to your PSP via Wi-Fi utilising the PSPs wireless
capabilities. You can then play the games via an emulator. You
are also able to download some movies, as well.

Well, in addition to the official Sony PSP download service
there are a rapidly growing number of PSP download services on
the internet. I should put the term "download service" in
quotes, though, because even though they bill themselves as
sites offering downloadable content, they are actually just
website interfaces between the user and content that is freely
available on the internet.

Now, in order to make full use of downloaded content, in other
words, in order to play downloaded games, your PSP has to be
version 1.50, or downgraded to 1.50 and then upgraded to a
custom firmware. (Unfortunately, if your version is 3.10 or
higher you cannot downgrade your PSP at this time.)

I must note that not all "freely available" content is "legally
freely available." If any of these sites actually owned copies
of the material they are supposedly offering to you (eg. movies
and PSP games) and made that available for download for a
membership price, you don't have to be a lawyer to realize that
they would be in violation of copyright laws.

If you do sign up for one of these "download services" look
carefully at the website to which your membership gives you
access. It is most likely an iframe with a link bar down the
right or left side. These links are just bookmarks that result
in someone else's website appearing in the center of the iframe.
Thus, the "PSP download site" is actually just a series of
bookmarks to sites created by other groups or individuals, and
you could access those same sites for free if you knew the
proper search terms to load into Google or Yahoo! or whatever
search engine you care to use. (Hint: try searching for torrent

Most of the PSP download sites take you to sites like
isohunt.com or torrentreactor.com (watch out for dangerous
content on that one!) or other free bitTorrent sites. Some do
offer legally free movies, but again, those movies are actually
located on sites like archive.org.

You will note that the various PSP download sites will try to
compete with one another by claiming to have more downloads or
faster download times, but again this is just so much
advertising hype. All of them lead you to the same torrent
downloads on the same sites (carefully camouflaged within their
I frames,) so how could any one of them be superior to the
others? Well, it is just not possible.

This is a lucrative business for the creators of the PSP
download service sites, and if you are willing to contribute to
their success in exchange for the links and search interface
they provide, then go on and have some fun!

About the author:

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