Shrek the Third is a lazy game that coasts by on the strength of the brand.

Released just in time to cash in on the theatrical release of Shrek the Third, Shrek the Third for the PSP is more compelling as a brand marketing bullet point than it is as an actual video game. Unsurprisingly, the PSP version of Shrek the Third is little more than a straight port of the console version, though with fewer multiplayer options and dumbed-down presentation. While there are certainly worse movie-license games out there, Shrek the Third still feels slapdash and thoughtless. Its function to entertain is overwhelmed by its function to make money.

The puppet show story sequences are the most interesting part of Shrek the Third.
As is movie-license-game tradition, the story in Shrek the Third provides a broad pantomime of the film on which it is based. More interesting than the actual story--which sees Shrek tracking down an heir to the throne of Far Far Away while Prince Charming makes a coup attempt--is the puppet show format of the story sequences. Aside from these sequences, as well as a musical number masquerading as a boss battle, most attempts at humor in Shrek the Third fall flat. The celebrity soundalike voice cast can't nail it, the timing is stilted, or the material itself just isn't funny.

Shrek the Third is a by-the-numbers action adventure game, with a heavy focus on button-mashing combat, plenty of arbitrary item collection, some light platforming, and some even lighter puzzle-solving. With the exception of the medieval-themed high school, most of the game takes place in conventional fairytale locales, pitting you against pirates, witches, gargoyles, enchanted trees, and loads of generic thugs. In addition to the big, green, ill-tempered ogre Shrek, you'll play as Donkey, Puss in Boots, Arthur, Fiona, and Sleeping Beauty at different points in the game.

Felled enemies will drop fairy dust that will fill up your three-part special attack meter. Using your character's special attack will drain one section of the meter. If you fill up all three sections of the meter while playing as either Shrek or Fiona, you can trigger a special ogre power, which slows down time, Matrix-style. The game's already easy, and the ogre power just makes it more so. There are other minor differences among the characters, such as Puss in Boots' ability to double-jump and Sleeping Beauty's ability to glide slowly to the ground from high falls. These differences are mostly irrelevant because combat is such a dominant force in the game and every character relies on the same mindless two-button attack combos.

The other gameplay elements in Shrek the Third might have provided some respite from the monotonous combat, but they end up being no more interesting. The puzzles, which only pop up from time to time, barely even qualify as puzzles; at their most complex, they require basic pattern-recognition skills. Much more common, and coincidentally much more aggravating, are the platforming sequences. These sequences are plagued by controls that are touchy and inaccurate. Fixed camera angles also make many jumps much harder to gauge than necessary, forcing you to make completely blind jumps on more than one occasion. The best thing about the single-player experience in Shrek the Third is a pair of castle-smashing sequences where you use two different siege weapons to demolish a series of castle towers. It's just too bad that these sequences only account for a few minutes of the four to five hours it'll take you to get through the story. Luckily, there's a local two-player variant of this sequence that you can play outside of the story mode, though it tragically requires two people to make the mistake of buying Shrek the Third for the PSP.

Twenty years ago, this game would have been a lunchbox.
Shrek the Third is no more ambitious in its presentation than it is with its gameplay. Though they all have that creepy dead-eye look, the main characters are good approximations of their cinematic counterparts. Simple environments are plastered with muddy, nondescript textures, and a lack of lighting effects makes everything look flat. What's worse than what you're looking at is how it's presented. The game suffers from a terrible fixed camera that will swing around in a nauseating fashion, and the angle it presents often isn't anywhere close to ideal.

What's perhaps most depressing about Shrek the Third is that the actual quality of the game will have little, if any, bearing on its success. The game seems to operate under the notion that its audience simply isn't concerned with getting an experience that's interesting or inventive; sadly, it's probably right. Source: GameSpot

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Sony has announced that they will release PlayStationPortable in 2004 right before Christmas (That's so that you can buy it as a present for your loved ones). PlayStation Portable or PSP

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Step 1

First of all, you will need to go to a PSP download site. The one which more people are joining up to today is called PSP Blender. However, there are a few other sites on the net. But this is by far the easiest to use.

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Ever since the PSP was released two years ago it was a hit! Now there is just so many different games and movies available for the PSP it is hard to keep up with all the new releases!
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All you need to do is put the DVD that you want to watch on your PSP in your DVD drive and save the file to your computer. Then you will use your PSP video converter to convert the files into the correct format.
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