How To Download Movies To The PSP : psptutorial

Have you had difficulty learning how to download movies to the
PSP? It is quite easy to learn how to download movies to the PSP
but most people do not know how. Here is a quick and easy
tutorial on how to download movies to the PSP.

1.) First you need a memory card to store the big movies that
you download. You definitely can't use the one they give you, it
is too small. You'll need the 512 MB pro duo card. You can buy
it online for cheap, that is what I would recommend.

2.)If you have a computer, you need to have access to movies
that are specially formatted to put on your PSP. Now with your
PSP switched off, connect it to your computer with its USB cable

3.)If you want to transfer your DVDs to your PSP, you'll need a
DVD burner and a PSP Video Converter as well.

4.) The first thing you do is put your DVD into your computer.
Then you start your DVD ripper and select the movie you want to
put on your PSP. Press "rip" and save your file.

5.) Now, how do you download the movies to your computer? If you
want to download the movies from your computer, then all you
have to do is press "add" from your DVD ripper.

6.) Then choose the file that you saved and press "extract" on
your PSP video converter. Save that file. Then the movie files
that you need to download to your PSP are ready to go and in the
correct format.

7.) Now, how to download the movies to the PSP? It's simple, all
you have to do is connect the PSP with the USB cable that comes
with it, and transfer the files to a folder called MP_ROOT, with
a folder inside called 100MNV01. Download the MP4 movies to the
100MNV01 folder.

8.) Then go on the PSP and browse that file to watch the movies
that you downloaded!

That's how easy it is to learn how download movies to the PSP!
Teach your friends how to do it!

About the author:
Greg Duncan is a PSP enthusiast and user. Click Here For PSP Video Converter Tools and Unlimited access to tons of PSP Movies, Games, MP3s