How To Put Movies On To Your PSP by Alan Langley

Have you been going crazy trying to put movies on your PSP? Many people Know it is possible but are lost at how to do it.
Here is a simple way in which it can be done. it is easy once you know how to do it.
First like any directions...You need to have your parts and tool lists
512 MB Pro Duo Stick (This is what holds your movie files (MP4)
DVD Player installed in your computer
DVD Ripper (This pulls the movie from the DVD to your computer, its a computer program. you can download this)
PSP Video Converter (converts movie and video files to MP4 format that you watch on your PSP.)
(Note: There is software that has both the DVD Ripper and Converter combined)
USB Cable
1. Put your DVD in the DVD ROM drive and fire up your DVD ripper, select the movie or video you want to put on your PSP and hit the "extract" or "rip" button. Make sure you tell it where to save the file to.
2. If you already have movie and/or video files on your pc then all you need to do is hit "add" from your DVD ripper and tell it where you want to save the file to.
3. Select the file that you saved to your computer and hit the "extract and/or encode" button from your PSP video converter and save that file.
3. If you have DVD Ripper/PSP Video converter combo software...You can combine steps 1,2 and 3.
At this point you have the files on your PC...and they are in the correct format.
4. How to download or transfer your movies to PSP? Just connect your PSP with your PC with the USB cable, and create a folder on your Memory Stick called "MP_ROOT." and create a sub-folder called "100MNV01." under it. Copy your MP4 files to this location (no need to copy the .HTM files).
5. Now on your PSP go to video and memory stick and watch your movie!
About the Author
Alan is a computer programer and PSP fan. If you need a good DVD ripper or PSP movie converter you can get more info at