PSP ISO Downloads

The PSP has a rather nice selection of games, some of them may
be enjoyable... others not so much. This is a guide for those of
us who like to *thoroughly* test a game before buying it, and
others who may do more of the testing part and a bit less of the
buying part. Either way, this guide will explain some basics
about PSP ISO downloads, how and what to do when you want to
download a PSP game and how to use it afterwards. For those who
are new to this, the term ISO in this case refers to an optical
disc image, an image of the game disc.

First things first, as it may have been indicated by the title
of the article we will need to download something. Now, a
variety of download methods exist: there is everything from P2P
(Peer to Peer,) DDL (Direct Download,) and getting it off a site
such as megaupload or rapidshare. Depending on your internet
experience level you may want to go for the DDL, if possible.
Unfortunately, DDL is a rare thing; it usually exists only
between friends and it is extremely difficult to find it on the
internet. On the other hand, P2P is readily available and has a
wide variety of games available.

Some sites, such as megaupload, rapidshare, and sendspace, have
some sort of searching service or a 3rd party website/program
that will allow you to search their site for what you want.
Despite this I'd be vary wary in my choice of programs for this.
Many of them are fakes and contain viruses and such, not the
most trustworthy selection really. Still, some of them actually
work quite well so just virus check each first.

Beyond that we come to P2P, not exactly the easiest download
method to set up for anyone new to it but, once it's set up it
takes barely any effort at all. Because this would take a
*lot,* (emphasis on lot,) of work and
time to explain right here, I suggest you look around for a
guide to using P2P and setting up everything needed. Dealing
with ports, firewalls, and all that good stuff is involved.

That said, once you get P2P working you can use websites like
piratebay and isohunt to find almost anything under the sun, all
the games you could want and everything beyond that as well, but
I will leave that for another time. If what you want is not on
pirate bay or isohunt, either it is not on a P2P site or you may
have to use some of the more obscure websites. Some of those can
also contain viruses, fakes, pretty much the usual collection of
internet *surprises,* so be careful.

Okay, we will assume you found your game iso. If the game was
zipped, you can un-zip it using winzip or winRaR, (but I am sure
you already knew that.) Now you are going to want to plug the
PSP into your computer using the USB port. Ports are located on
the front or back of your computer, sometimes both. Use a handy
USB cable for this. Once your USB cable is connected, and after
a bit of waiting for the computer to load it in, the PSP should
show up as a new removable drive. Make a folder called *iso* in
the root directory on your PSP, and move the game into this

With that done all you need to do is disconnect the PSP, start
it up, go to *game* on your PSP and run your newly added game.
Have fun and good luck.

About the author:
Dante Valentino is a PSP and computer gaming fanatic and is
constantly trying to improve his PSP library. For more detailed
information on downloading to the PSP, go here