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Author: Andrew Perry

The Sony PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is the hottest portable
gaming system on the market. The system has stunning three
dimensional graphics and can play PSP proprietary movie discs.
For many years people who owned portable gaming systems had to
put up with graphics far inferior to that of television based
consoles. With the Sony PSP the graphics are very high quality
and you can watch popular new movie releases. It is like a
console, but portable, with no concessions in exchange for the

Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to download Sony
Playstation Portable games, PSP format movies, and even home
made videos or movies from your handycam. The most amazing part
is that you can find free PSP downloads that are totally legal.
There is a large number of sites that offer free downloads for
PSP, but many of them are not worth your time. If you are
interested in finding free PSP game downloads and free PSP video
downloads, you should make sure that you use a site that doesn't
have a lot of broken links or non-working files. There are some
important things to look for to make sure you are using a free
PSP download site that is not going to waste your time.

What To Look For in a Free PSP Download Site

One of the first things that you should do is to look for a free
PSP downloads site that offers you a private membership with no
recurring fees. You will most likely have to pay a one time
membership fee, but this is extremely beneficial because having
a private membership with the quality free PSP download sites
ensures you get quality files to download on an unlimited basis.

With the free PSP download sites that have a private membership,
members will tend to check the files for viruses and spy ware,
also these membership sites take time to check that there are no
dead links and files are working. This will save you a lot of
time since you don't have to do wade through many of the dead
links or download broken finals that some of the inferior PSP
download sites have. The one time signup fee is really nothing
compared to the amount of time you will save and headaches you
will avoid by getting excellent quality files and avoiding

The second thing to look for is a fast file download. Some Sony
Playstation Portable download sites are so slow that you will
find it impossible to download a full game or movie in any
reasonable amount of time. The next thing to look for is a fast
responding and professional customer support team. Customer
support can help you with questions about downloading or using
your software, and help get rid of broken links and bad files

How To Download and Transfer Your PSP Files

Downloading and using the free game and movie downloads for PSP
is quite easy. The first step is to download the file you have
selected to your computer, once that is done you connect your
PSP to your computer with a USB cable, you then transfer the
file to your PSP in the appropriate location. Once the file is
transferred, go to the appropriate category selection on your
PSP, for example if you downloaded and transferred a game you
would go to the game directory and select the downloaded file,
likewise with movies and music etc.

Using the free PSP download sites is easier than getting in the
car and heading down to the video games store to hire a game.
The age of convenience is certainly upon us and the fact that
downloading playstation portable games and movies is cheaper
than the video store is icing on the cake.

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