First PSP Game Revealed

He wait is officially over. After nearly a year of keeping gamers in the dark about PlayStation Portable (PSP) software, Sony unveiled the first-ever title for its eagerly awaited handheld—Death, Jr., a cartoony 3D action-platformer from developer Backbone Entertainment (formerly Digital Eclipse, maker of Spider-Man: The Movie and the Spyro the Dragon series on Game Boy Advance). The video, shown at the annual Game Developers Conference, featured the game’s main character, the son of the Grim Reaper, running and jumping in vast indoor and outdoor environments, as well as hunting down fiendish creatures with his trusty scythe and pint-sized rocket launcher. (Head to our website,, to check out the minute-long Death, Jr. gameplay video for yourself.) Unfortunately, Sony didn’t bring an actual model of PSP to the conference.